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Destiny’s Escape is a children’s book. A moving tale of a clever greyhound who wanted to free herself from the hardships she faced as a racing dog. With the help of her rabbit friend Ruby, Destiny finds adventure, family, and a Forever Home. Inspired by the true stories of rescued greyhounds, this compelling adventure will enchant dog lovers of all ages.



Tony Feeherry is a Boston Lawyer. Nancy Waddell is a healthcare professional and a passionate advocate against greyhound racing.

The inspiration for this story comes from two sources.  First, there is the graceful and athletic greyhound breed itself.  Today these dogs are the good natured and affectionate members of countless families.

Closer to home, Destiny’s Escape was inspired by several greyhounds rescued from the race track and given a Forever Home by Jim and Nancy Waddell (the co-author of this story).  Some of those greyhounds served as models for Margot Rogers’ illustrations.



Margot Rogers is an illustrator based north of Boston whose work has been featured in publications including The Four Hour Chef, and in many public venues. In partnership with her husband Matthew she co-owns the Wallpusher Company where together they create sculptural guitars and other finely crafted products. She enjoys dividing her time between illustration and sculpture in their 1890s New England barn turned art studio in coastal Gloucester, MA. Margot grew up on a farm and from an early age has always had a heart for animals, and she is thrilled to bring the excellent cause of animal adoption to life through visual storytelling in this collaboration. Learn more at MargotRogers.com.

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