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Hear what others are saying about the book:

“With its wonderful story and rich illustrations, Destiny’s Escape is a great children’s book inspired by a great cause.”
– David Hosp, Mystery Author

“In this gem of a story, Destiny the greyhound pairs up with an unlikely friend as she tries to rescue herself from a hard life as a racing dog.   Charming illustrations and engaging characters make Destiny’s Escape a perfect choice for dog-lovers of all ages.”
– Alexa A. Rowan, Romance Author

“Illustrator,  Margot Rogers’ strong lines and muted, elegant colors bring Destiny to life on the page — a spirited, comely greyhound with a tender heart and wistful hope  — she is unforgettable.”
-Cynthia Linkas, Published Poet

“A charming story that warms the heart and opens the mind to the plight of greyhound dogs.”
-Elisabeth Evans, Montessori Educator

“A heartwarming and beautifully illustrated story about friendship and freedom.”
-Rachel Blair, Educator




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